GMC AT4 vs. AT4X: What’s the Difference?

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The GMC lineup has something for everybody, even if you frequently venture off the beaten path. The All-Terrain Four-Wheel-Drive (AT4) and AT4X trims differ to their stablemates due to the array of off-road features that enable them to tackle rough terrain. While they’re both designed for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts, they’re different in many ways. Let’s take a look at this detailed comparison between the GMC AT4 and GMC AT4X to determine which one better suits your needs.

GMC Models Offering AT4 and AT4X Trims

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GMC SUVs with AT4 packages include the compact Terrain, midsize Acadia, and full-size Yukon. However, none of these models offer the AT4X trim. The three pickup trucks in the GMC lineup, which are the midsize Canyon, full-size Sierra 1500, and heavy-duty Sierra HD, come with both the AT4 and ATX4 variants. The only way to get the ATX4 package is to purchase a GMC truck.

Key Features of the GMC AT4 Models

Slotted between the SLT or Elevation and Denali models, the AT4 is perfect if you want the impressive performance and refinement of a GMC SUV or truck with added off-road capability. The features of AT4 vehicles vary depending on which model you choose. However, every model in the AT4 lineup is equipped with all-wheel or four-wheel drive. They also gain a variety of exterior features that give them a more rugged appearance, including an AT4-specific grille and black-chrome accents. AT4 trucks add red tow hooks and a Jet Black interior with Kalahari accents.

Most AT4 models come with skid plates, hill-descent control, larger wheels, and all- or mud-terrain tires. Some even have advanced off-road features such as an off-road-tuned suspension, 2-inch lift, two-speed transfer case, locking rear differential, and improved approach angle.

Enhanced Off-Road Capability

GMC AT4X vehicles are more specialized off-roaders than their AT4 counterparts. While their specific upgrades differ by model, all of them are fitted with AT4X-exclusive Multimatic DSSV dampers, which enable them to deliver a more comfortable and controlled ride over challenging terrain. Moreover, they also have an Obsidian Rush interior with leather seats.

Under the hood of the ATX4 GMC Canyon lies an off-road-optimized TurboMax engine that delivers a stout 430 lb-ft of torque, which is class-leading for a standard gasoline engine. This, combined with a 3-inch lift, an ultra-wide 66.3-inch track width, a two-speed transfer case, and front and rear electronic locking differentials, makes the pickup the most off-road-capable Canyon to date.

In terms of appearance, the AT4X GMC Sierra is easily distinguishable from the AT4X Canyon thanks to its American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) stamped-steel front bumper with winch capability and AEV stamped-steel front approach skid plate. It also has an impressive ground clearance of 11.1 inches, which enhances its ability to clear off-road obstacles. Other notable upgrades include Off-Road and Terrain driving modes, front and rear electronic locking differentials, and 32-inch all-terrain Goodyear DuraTrac tires.

The AT4X GMC Sierra HD is ready to conquer the toughest trails with 11.6 inches of ground clearance, a 1.5-inch suspension lift, a 31.6-degree approach angle, and a 25.7-degree departure angle. It’s also equipped with 35-inch Goodyear Territory MT off-road tires and a rear electronic locking differential.

Comparing the AT4 and AT4X

The GMC AT4 and AT4X vehicles share many similarities. Both trims have their own unique badging and exterior and interior styling elements, as well as an array of upgrades that improve their ability to handle rugged terrain.

However, the AT4X has an upper hand over the AT4 in terms of off-road capability, thanks in part to its innovative Multimatic DSSV dampers. These dampers use three spool valves to control damping, resulting in better handling and ride comfort in off-road conditions. In addition, most AT4X models are fitted with driver-selectable front and rear electronic locking differentials, which helps maintain proper traction by ensuring that both wheels spin together no matter how much resistance they experience.

Off-Road Technologies in the AT4 and AT4X

Aside from a more rugged look and enhanced off-road capabilities, some GMC AT4 and AT4X models also offer a variety of advanced technologies that can make driving and towing easier and safer both on and off the road. One of these features is the available ProGrade Trailering System, a suite of intelligent trailering-assistance technologies that can help streamline the hitching and towing process and improve confidence when trailering. Another notable technology is built-in Google compatibility, which allows you to access Google Maps, Google Assistant, and more through your infotainment system.

Choosing Between the AT4 and AT4X

The choice between the AT4 and AT4X boils down to your budget and driving needs. If you’re only planning to do light- to medium-duty off-roading, the AT4 is more than capable of getting the job done. In contrast, the AT4X is clearly the better choice if you enjoy taking on extreme adventures. From climbing rocks to negotiating water crossings, it can handle any challenge you throw its way. In addition, going for the AT4X also means that you’ll get a more upscale interior, which includes leather seats and richer accents.

Of course, all the off-road enhancements and upgraded features of the AT4X come at an extra cost. This trim is significantly more expensive than the AT4, even though its supreme capabilities and appointments make it a solid value proposition. If you’re looking for a more practical vehicle with decent off-road ability, the AT4 is probably a better fit for you.

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