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For some people, the sound of an engine roaring is music to their ears. But for many others, too much noise can make it difficult to enjoy riding in a vehicle. The latter is typically true of luxury car buyers who want a quiet cabin with a more relaxing and comfortable driving experience. The engineers at Buick understand the unique needs of buyers in the luxury segment and have implemented an exclusive process to improve the noise level in the vehicles they produce. This process, known as QuietTuning, has changed the game for luxury auto buyers.

The History of QuietTuning 

inside of a 2022 buick enclave on a snowy day

Image via GM Asset Center

Buick’s executives shared some insights into why they developed and implemented the QuietTuning engineering process when they shared insights gleaned from their buyers. According to the product manager for the Buick Enclave,  the three key attributes among buyers of this luxury model include a super-quiet cabin, a smooth ride, and comfortable seats. The same factors are important to the buyers of other models in the Buick lineup, which led engineers to implement a bumper-to-bumper strategy that keeps unwanted cabin noise to an absolute minimum.

According to executives at Buick, another benefit of this process is minimizing the distractions within the cabin. When drivers get distracted, they might take their eyes off the road and turn their attention elsewhere. Sudden noises in the cabin can certainly cause a distraction, so reducing the frequency of the sounds may play a role in improving driver attention and safety.

Buick also launched its QuietTuning car noise cancellation process to improve the experience of those driving and riding in its vehicles. Another result is giving this auto brand a unique identity in the market, focusing on the desires of its customer base. When brands invest in what their customers want, they can often boost loyalty and satisfaction. It’s a win-win all around.

Sound Reduction Methods: Traditional and Innovative

As mentioned, QuietTuning is Buick’s strategy to minimize interior noise and provide a quieter, more comfortable cabin. Buick engineers use various methods to achieve this goal, including blocking external sounds from coming into the cabin, reducing sounds at the source, and absorbing interior sounds. Some sound reduction methods are traditional and commonly used by other manufacturers. Examples of the more conventional methods include:

  • Laminated front and side glass
  • Insulation material around the dashboard panel, beneath the hood, and in the headliner and doors
  • Triple-sealed doors
  • Dense carpeting on the floors that masks the sounds of the tires against the road

Buick includes thicker acoustically laminated front and side glass on its models to enhance the noise-deadening properties. Additional foam insulation fills every opening of the body structure cavities and under the hood, ensuring a quieter ride. The acoustically treated headliner in a Buick vehicle also boasts a specially tuned gap that sits between it and the steel roof panel to absorb sound.

Along with these methods, Buick has created and implemented innovative techniques that can further improve the noise level within the cabin. Many models in the line include underbody paneling that reduces road surface and wind noise. A bonus of this paneling is improved fuel efficiency. Buick engineers have also added bushings around the hydraulic suspensions, isolated the chassis components, and added high-strength steel to eliminate rattles and squeaks.

Another unique approach included in the QuietTuning process is the isolation of the engine cradle. This method significantly reduces engine vibrations, which helps to keep sounds to a minimum. You may also find a specially tuned air intake and exhaust system within a Buick model, along with aerodynamically optimized side mirrors and a patented rear suspension. The alternators used in Buick models are ultra-quiet, while the heat-activated baffles used in some of the structural elements close and seal sections of the body to prevent air loss and noise.

During the manufacturing process, Buick assembly workers apply a liquid sound-deadening product that further minimizes noise in the cabin. Each of these methods plays a role in the quietness of a Buick vehicle’s cabin.

Active Noise Cancellation Technology

QuietTuning goes a step further in some Buick models with the addition of active noise cancellation. The system comes from Bose, a leader in the noise cancellation space. It includes ceiling-mounted microphones that can detect cabin noise. At the first sign of sound, a computer processes and analyzes the frequency. The system can then produce sound waves that counteract the cabin noise, played through the speakers and subwoofer of the audio system.

In this process, the system effectively cancels out noise to improve the comfort level of the cabin. Another benefit of the noise-canceling technology is an improvement to the IntelliLink voice control system’s accuracy. Too much background noise can interfere with voice controls, making it difficult to issue commands and get the proper result. By eliminating excess background noise, the driver has a better experience with the voice control element of the audio system. The active noise-cancellation technology works even when the audio system is off.

Buick Models Created With QuietTuning Technology

QuietTuning is a process that’s exclusive to Buick and standard on all models in its lineup. It was first applied to the Enclave, Buick’s flagship SUV, in 2008, but the development of the engineering process started in 2000. Not all new Buick models include the Bose noise cancellation functionality, although it’s available on the Encore and Enclave, to name a few.

Finding the right vehicle is easier when you shop the selection at #1 Cochran Buick GMC Youngstown. We carry new and pre-owned Buick models that include these unique and innovative features. When you want to ride in peace and have a conversation with the people in the back, a Buick crafted with the QuietTuning engineering process is the best option available. Visit our location or shop our inventory online to see which quiet and comfortable Buick will accommodate your needs and desires. You can get pre-approved for financing instantly and start the process from the comfort of your home.

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