GMC Connected Services

GMC is committed to unveiling new and exciting technology and connectivity features for their latest vehicles. Many new GMC models are eligible for GMC Connected Services, a subscription-based connectivity suite that helps you access the data that matters most. Read on for #1 Cochran Buick GMC’s guide to GMC Connected Services.

GMC Connected Services

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GMC Connected Services is a suite of state-of-the-art connectivity features that optimize your communication, information, and entertainment experience while you’re behind the wheel of your GMC vehicle. You can choose from a variety of plans that offer varying degrees of connectedness. These subscription plans allow you to sync your mobile device with your vehicle’s system and control your apps, messaging, talk, navigation, and more while you drive. Here’s a guide to the different subscription plans GMC offers and the capabilities each plan has.

Buick, another GM brand, has a similar suite called Buick Intellilink. If you’ve ever been in a newer Buick model and seen its connectivity features, you’ll be more than familiar with how GMC’s version works.

Connected Access

All new GMC vehicles come with a free ten-year subscription to the Connected Access level of GMC Connected Services. This perk doesn’t transfer to new owners of used GMC vehicles, so if you want to maximize your connectivity on the road, you might consider buying your next GMC new. Connected Access plans grant you GMC Smart Driver, an internal system that tracks and reports data about your driving habits to help you improve. GMC Smart Driver might be beneficial for parents who share their cars with teenage drivers and want insight into their child’s progress behind the wheel.

Vehicle Diagnostics are also included with Connected Access plans. This service gives you regular updates about your car’s health and performance and reminds you when it’s time to schedule routine maintenance services, like oil changes and tire rotations. You can also program your vehicle to send you additional notifications to your mobile phone or email address, so you remember to schedule that service appointment when you get home.

GMC App Access Plan

The GMC App Access Plan is ideal for the media-lover who wants access to all their favorite apps from the car. If you like listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcasts on your daily commute and making road trip playlists that get everyone dancing in their seats, consider committing $14.99 per month to the GMC App Access Plan. A subscription gives you a built-in Amazon Alexa system that can pair with your Alexa device at home.

If you’re new to Amazon Alexa, you can set up your virtual assistant in your GMC vehicle. You can use voice commands to control your apps, so you can send text messages or queue up the next song without taking your eyes off the road. Eligible models also receive the GMC Maps+ app for simple navigational assistance. GMC Maps+ can take you to your favorite destinations or show you the best route for a long trip. Plus, if you need a pit stop for gas, a snack, or a cup of coffee, GMC Maps+ can find all the best options.

Finally, capable models can access in-vehicle apps. You can add your favorite listening apps, news outlets, weather channels, and sports stations. The Glympse app allows you to send your location to friends or family members, which can help you stay safe when you’re driving somewhere new or let your loved ones know when to expect you home if you’re caught in traffic. In-vehicle apps help you stay up-to-date and entertained from behind the wheel of your GMC. Plus, App Access includes the features from the Connected Access level.

Remote Access

For $14.99 per month, level up to the Remote Access plan. Remote Access subscribers get all the features in the Connected Access and App Access plans, plus the ability to unlock and start their vehicle before setting foot inside of it using the myGMC mobile app. You can also enjoy Vehicle Locate, a simple solution when you forget where you parked. Remote Access also provides On-Demand Diagnostics, so you can find help immediately if you’re experiencing an urgent issue. For $10 extra, you can add unlimited data to ensure you never get stuck without a connection.

Connected Vehicle

If you want to get the most out of your GMC vehicle’s modern technology, opt for the Connected Vehicle plan at $24.99 per month. This suite grants you access to every feature in the myGMC app, so you can control your car from your phone with the tap of a finger. The Connected Vehicle plan is perfect for busy professionals who use their car as a mobile office. It comes with an unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot and unlimited data, so you can email, text, browse, and talk freely.

The WarnerMedia RIDE app comes with Connected Vehicle plans, and it gives you access to over 1,000 hours of movies and television episodes. Whether you need to entertain your family on long trips or want to stay up-to-date on your shows while you’re stuck in traffic, you and your passengers will never be bored in your GMC. Plus, Connected Vehicle subscribers enjoy the features included in all other Connected Services plans.

Benefits of Using GMC Connected Services

Here are some of the reasons to consider purchasing a GMC Connected Services plan to optimize your trips:

  • Safety: GMC Connected Services helps you stay informed about your car’s condition, alerts you when it’s time to see a technician, and indicates the severity of different issues to help you protect your investment and avoid an unexpected disaster.
  • Entertainment: Whether you’re a busy professional with a long commute or a growing family who takes road trips together, having access to your favorite radio shows, movies, music, and podcasts can help you enjoy your time in the car.
  • Navigation: No one likes getting lost, wasting gas, or being unable to find the nearest supermarket, so let GMC’s built-in navigation system take the guesswork out of driving.
  • Connectivity: You can update your loved ones on your whereabouts, receive important messages, and work on the go with modern messaging features and voice commands.

If you’re eager to find a compatible GMC vehicle in the Boardman, Ohio area, #1 Cochran Buick GMC has the latest GMC SUVs and trucks with GMC Connected Services capabilities. Peruse our inventory online to find smart, connected vehicles that match your style, and contact us to set up an appointment to test drive them today. Call us and ask to speak with one of our competent team members to learn more about how GMC Connected Services could make driving easier and more fun for you.