Buick Intellilink

The majority of automobiles today have tablet-like infotainment systems with vivid touch screens and smartphone integration. Despite these systems being the norm, many automakers fail to make their interfaces as user-friendly or capable as they could. The GMC and Buick IntelliLink system, on the other hand, can quickly play music, access your favorite apps, and even make hands-free phone calls, all by touch or voice commands. We’ll go over Buick IntelliLink as well as its most important functions and common questions.

What is the Buick IntelliLink Infotainment System?

The IntelliLink system’s connection allows you to use your vehicle’s touch screen and controls to access your entertainment, communications, and contacts. This makes it easier to personalize your driving experience in a far safer, more convenient way than operating your device while driving. Most common Bluetooth-enabled devices can be associated with your Buick through the Buick IntelliLink infotainment system.

In recent Buicks, the Quick Info icon offers access to the most popular Intellilink functions, such as SiriusXM travel link features, audio info, and turn-by-turn navigation, while keeping the driver’s eyes on the road. There is also a transfer-to-private icon to switch a Bluetooth-connected phone call off the vehicle’s speakerphone.

Hands-Free Phone Mode

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Once connected, the Intellilink technology allows you to make and receive phone calls, read and send text messages, and even use your favorite apps from either touching the infotainment screen or making voice commands. Drivers often compromise their attention by trying to do these activities while holding their devices. This is not only risky and less convenient, but some common phone activities are illegal in Ohio. Take texting while driving, for instance. For those under 18, texting is banned entirely, but even adults could be ticketed for it if they were pulled over for a separate offense.

Buick has used IntelliLink to set a higher standard of convenience and safety in everyday driving. Those who have little experience with infotainment systems will be shocked by the difference they can make. Using your phone in your hand while driving will seem out-of-touch by comparison. Try IntelliLink, and you’ll get everything you need in a safer, faster way.

Personalize Your Trip

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Infotainment systems are a delicate balance. They must give the user a lot of tools while not being confusing or unwieldy to navigate. Many systems lack sufficient customization or are not designed to be convenient to the user. IntelliLink allows Buick or GMC drivers to customize the placement of icons and other user-experience factors. For instance, you can keep your most frequently needed apps in direct view from the home screen.

Stay Connected While Travelling

The Intellilink system acts as a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing up to seven trusted users to connect at once. That means that everyone in the cabin has access to unlimited music, entertainment, and more. Road trips will be far less troublesome when everybody can check emails or their favorite videos. Parents can keep kids entertained or stay updated on family get-togethers. Ask any modern Buick driver, and their IntelliLink Wi-Fi hotspot has probably saved the day at least once.

How to Connect Buick Intellilink

To connect any Bluetooth-compatible device with your Buick’s IntelliLink system, you only need to make sure the device’s Bluetooth connectivity service is turned on and that it is close enough to be discovered. Your Buick Intellilink should be able to locate and connect to your smartphone automatically.

How to Connect Intellilink via Voice Command

To partner a device to IntelliLink through voice commands, say, “Bluetooth” after pressing the push-to-talk button. The system will say, “Bluetooth Ready” and beep in response. After the beep, say, “Pair.” From here, the system will say, “Please start a search on your Bluetooth phone.” Start a search for all accessible Bluetooth connections from your device. Your Buick should appear in the list of available connections.

Once you choose that connection, you’ll be prompted to type a four-digit code on the vehicle’s screen into your phone, or you’ll see a six-digit code on your device that should match the code on the touch screen. Enter the code given from one device onto the other.

If the system asks you to approve the connection or enable phone book access, choose Yes or Always Allow. This allows you to message or call contacts and do similar functions while driving. That’s it! Your Buick IntelliLink is connected to your device.

How to Update Buick IntelliLink

Modern infotainment systems usually do live updates over the air to address any little bugs or issues that get discovered. You can manually check for updates and receive them if your model is due for one. To update manually, touch the System tab, then Vehicle Software and finally Updates. Look for System Update under Software Information. It will download any Buick Intellilink updates that are available. After you’ve downloaded it, follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

My Buick Intellilink is Not Working

As noted earlier, be certain that you aren’t behind on an update to the system. While customer support from Buick is available to help, it may be beneficial to do a simple reset first. Even if it does not fix the problem (though it often does), resetting is a common step in customer troubleshooting. You’ll be able to tell whoever is helping you that you have already tried resetting and share any details about what happened.

How to Reset

If you ever run into any issues, it may help to reset your Buick IntelliLink. You can easily reset the system via the following steps:

  1. Go to the home screen of your Buick Intellilink and pick Settings.
  2. Choose Return to Factory Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Restore Vehicle Settings, and then Continue.

You can return to the home screen at this point, and your system should be reset. If there was an issue before, this refresh could be all it takes to fix it.

Have questions about your Buick’s IntelliLink system? Perhaps you’re shopping around and curious about infotainment features on the latest Buick models? #1 Cochran Buick GMC Youngstown is ready to assist you, so check out our new inventory or contact us at your convenience.