Preparing for the Winter: Best Snow Tires

November 17th, 2014 by

It’s not secret that snow tires on your vehicle will help you make the winter much more bearable! Though no tire will overcome the laws of physics, snow tires will do wonders in slush, ice, freezing rain, etc! We researched the top performing snow tires for various vehicles and have put together this list. The best part? All of these tires are available in our dealership! To find out more about getting snow tires put on your vehicle, give our service department a call at 877-360-5809!

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS70

Aside from the usual tricks like grippier cold-weather rubber compounds, interlocking tread patterns and complex grooves and cuts to slick water away, the Blizzaks incorporate an outer layer of rubber pocked with thousands of microscopic tubes and cells. This system keeps water away while biting into the snow and ice. Think of it like a studded tire!

BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI

This tire was chosen as one of GearPatrol as the best bang for your buck winter tire! This is actually an all season tire with a carefully engineered tread pattern which has a high density of extra-long sipes to provide maximum bite in icy conditions! It also features tiny pores that will give you extra grip at the microscopic level.

Continental ExtremeWinterContact

The ExtremeWinterContact is a great all around choice for any cold weather conditions. The designers recognize that that many winter miles are driven on completely dry roads and made sure that the tire’s shoulder design allowed it to be as agile in dry conditions and wet conditions.

Cooper Discoverer M+S Sport

What good is your vehicles AWD or FWD if your tires just spin? This tire is specifically designed for your SUV or CUV and is meant to be driven in serious winter conditions. The M+S features deep grooves and a special compound which provides for maximum performance. Aside from that, they provide a very rugged look.

Dunlop Winter Maxx

Launched in 2013, the Winter Maxx is one of the newest snow tires on the market. It’s designed with enhanced rubber and holds its contact in both dry and wet conditions. An added cool feature is that it wears bars into the tread grooves which indicate ice and snow traction rather than the tire just being too worn.

General Altimax Artic

If you’re in an area that permits studded tires then the Altimax Artic may be just the snow tire for you! It’s built for serious cold weather duty yet still manages to stay flexible. The pattern of the tire improves traction while the directional pattern grooves aid in stability and water evacuation.

Michelin X-Ice XI3

The X-Ice XI3 offers impressive ice and snow traction along with very good handling and traction when the roads are just cold, even if they’re dry. They also have snow wear indicator bars to show when deep snow traction will be compromised.

Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

The Winter Sottozero 3 is designed for your sports car and is meant for mild winter climates. It offers plenty of traction in snow and ice and doesn’t sacrifice handling and ride when the roads are dry and conditions are good. The inner angled treads grab the corners while its longitudinal center and its grooves channel away water and snow to reduce any hydroplaning.

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