Midsize SUV vs Full Size SUV

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Extensive research goes into picking the right vehicle for your needs. However, even once you have a better idea of what you’re looking for, you’ll find that each type of vehicle presents its own set of options. Let’s say, for example, that you want to drive home in an SUV. It’s not enough to settle for an SUV because you’ll also want to consider whether you want a large SUV or a midsize SUV. But what are the main differences among SUVs based on their size, and how will they impact your experience on the road? 

If you’re looking for an SUV in the Youngstown, Ohio, area, but you still haven’t determined which size SUV you need, Cochran Buick-GMC is here to help. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between midsize SUVs and full-size SUVs so you can decide which is the best fit for your needs. 

What Are the Major Considerations You Should Make When Shopping for an SUV?

2021 GMC Terrain interior fold down seating

There are a few reasons why some drivers choose an SUV over another type of vehicle like a sedan. Keeping these factors in mind will play a critical role in helping you choose between smaller and larger SUV models. If you decided that an SUV was the right fit for you, you were likely attracted to characteristics like cargo space, interior space, driving capabilities, and towing capacity. In other words, these factors are the main ones that encourage many to purchase an SUV.

Cargo Space

If you’re someone who has a large family that likes to go on adventures or take trips yourself, you need a car that makes it easy to take all your belongings with you at a moment’s notice. SUVs offer far more cargo space than regular car models, making it easy for you to fit everything you need in the trunk area as well as in the backseat. 

Interior Room and Size

Do you have many passengers who plan on going with you on trips or throughout your day-to-day? If so, you need a vehicle that offers far more seating and space for the number of passengers you need to transport. 

Driving Capabilities

SUVs are practical because of their extra seating and cargo space, and they are valuable to drivers who anticipate driving off-road at any point during their car ownership. With an SUV, you can traverse on snow, rugged terrain, and other areas where you might otherwise encounter trouble in your vehicle. 

Towing Capacity

Buick Enclave mid size SUV towing boat

Beyond what you can store inside your car, many SUVs offer an impressive towing capacity to handle things like small camper trailers. No matter what you’re looking to bring with you, an SUV like the GMC Terrain can help you tow it along

Next, let’s look at the benefits of owning midsize SUVs versus full-size SUVs. We’ll see how towing capacity and other aspects of these vehicles factor into this discussion.

What Are the Benefits of Midsize SUVs? 

Why might you choose a midsize SUV over a full-size model? If you’re currently shopping for your own, there are likely a few characteristics that come to mind. Let’s look at a few of these characteristics and how they’ll impact your experience. Generally, midsize SUVs are:

  • More budget-friendly. A midsize SUV will likely be cheaper than a full-size SUV, making the former a more budget-friendly option. 
  • More maneuverable. A large SUV can seem like a great purchase until you attempt basic activities like parking and using narrower roads. In other words, full-size SUVs have much larger bodies that can be difficult to navigate at times. If you need a compact body, you’ll want a midsize SUV. 
  • More fuel-efficient. Midsize SUVs almost always get better gas mileage. If this is a crucial selling point for you, go with the midsize SUV. 
  • Perfect for daily use. Sometimes, people want an SUV for the extra space but don’t want to take it off-roading that much. A midsize SUV is perfect for daily use as it may not drive as well on rougher terrains or tow as much. 

Also, a midsize SUV has just enough room for your passengers, but not too much. Those who want an SUV don’t always have a large family or need a car that can hold a lot of passengers. Even if a smaller SUV has the same number of seats as a larger SUV, the former is more compact and a better fit, considering your lifestyle.

What Are the Benefits of Full-Size SUVs?

Here are the top three benefits for full-size SUVs owners:

  • More towing power. Do you like to go camping or go off on adventures often? And do you need to bring something along with you? If so, full-size SUVs are going to offer you the towing power you need to get the job done. Some midsize SUVs can tow larger loads, but they’re still very limited in their capabilities. 
  • More seating and space. Whether full-size SUVs have more seating or the same seating as your favorite midsize models, there’s no arguing that larger SUVs offer far more room for both passengers and the cargo you carry. 
  • Better off-roading capabilities. Full-size SUVs can often go all the places that your midsize SUV might not be able to travel. If you need a vehicle that can take on dirt, snow, or mud, you’re going to want a full-size SUV. 

As you can see, there are great arguments for both full-size SUVs and midsize SUVs. Make your choice based on where you’re going to drive the SUV, how much power you need, and how much space you require in your new vehicle.

Are You Ready to Find the Perfect SUV at Cochran Buick-GMC?

Whether you’re a fan of midsize SUVs or you want a full-size SUV to see the world with, Cochran Buick-GMC of Youngstown, Ohio, is here to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. We offer the best pricing on new SUV’s and have an extensive inventory of used SUV’s that are more budget-friendly. Come to our dealership and meet with our friendly staff so you can learn about the various models we have on our lot. If you have any questions, contact us today.

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