Everything to know about the 2025 Buick Electra

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Buick is previewing the Electra as its first all-electric crossover, with the release date expected in time for the 2025 model year. But there’s a lot more than just one vehicle behind this name. GM, which owns Buick, suggests that the Electra will be part of a new lineup of EVs for the Buick brand that will be offered by the end of the decade. Our Buick experts here at #1 Cochran Buick-GMC Youngstown have created an overview of what we know so far about the Electra and what we’re still waiting to discover.

What We Know About the 2025 Buick Electra

Buick Wildcat EV concept front view.

Our knowledge of what the Buick Electra could look like is based on a concept vehicle Buick presented in China in 2020. The plan showcased the Electra as a two-row SUV with a sleek body design and modern, slim headlights. The concept was powered by two electric motors and a battery pack capable of putting out 583 horsepower. However, it remains unclear whether Buick plans to offer a front-wheel drive Electra or whether its lineup will only feature this all-wheel-drive configuration.

The estimated driving range for the Electra crossover is 372 miles. That’s significantly more mileage than the driving range of many current electric crossovers, which typically range from about 250 miles to 300 miles when fully charged.

When the Electra enters production, it’s expected to share its platform with the luxury Cadillac Lyric, debuting for the 2023 model year. The Lyric’s power train features a single electric motor and the same battery pack proposed in the Electra concept. It puts out 340 horsepower and has an estimated driving range of around 300 miles.

Assuming the dimensions of the Electra will be similar to those of the Lyric, Buick’s first all-electric SUV will have a spacious cabin. The Lyric features about 28 cubic feet of storage space in the rear, which should be enough to carry your family’s luggage for a trip out of town.

Keep in mind that all the information discussed above is speculative and could change when the Electra hits production in time to arrive in our Youngstown showroom sometime in 2024. We’ll update this page as we learn more about how the Electra will look.

Buick’s All-New Electric SUV Lineup

Buick’s current crossover lineup is doing great, having experienced significant growth in sales during 2021. Buyers enjoy the compact Encore and Encore GX, the three-row Enclave, and the luxury Buick Envision. But Buick is already looking to the future with a plan to transform its lineup to an all-electric offering. The Electra line appears set to play a prominent role in this exciting transition.

In a Buick press release earlier this year, Sharon Gauci, the Global Buick and GMC Design Executive Director, commented, “Our forthcoming products will adopt a new design language that emphasizes a sleek, dynamic, and forward-looking appearance. Our exteriors will incorporate fluid movements that contrast with tension to convey motion. Interiors will balance modern design, new technologies, and attention to detail to evoke warmth and a rich sensory experience.”

The press release also unveiled a new Buick logo, the first change to its iconic circular emblem since 1990. It adopts a horizontal layout and will start appearing on the front fascia of Buick vehicles next year.

Buick teased a possible second all-electric crossover by presenting another concept vehicle in China. The Electra X appears to have a sportier design compared to the Electra and could prove to be the second EV crossover to hit the US market after the Electra takes its place in our showroom.

What It’s Like To Own an Electric Crossover

If you’re as excited as we are about Buick’s move into the EV market, you may be wondering what it’s like to own and drive an electric vehicle. One of the main things to familiarize yourself with is the different options for charging your vehicle’s battery. EVs also have different maintenance requirements compared to their gas-powered counterparts.

Electric vehicle owners have three main types of chargers to choose from, which are known as level 1, level 2, and level 3. A level 1 charger is a standard household power outlet. This is the most widely accessible type of charger, but it’s also the slowest. It adds about 4 miles of driving range to your battery for every hour of charging. At this speed, it can take well over a day to fully charge an EV’s battery.

Level 2 and level 3 charging are more realistic options for EV owners. Level 2 charging stations are available at thousands of sites across the country. They can fully charge a typical EV battery in around nine to 10 hours. You can install a level 2 charging station in your home at an additional cost.

Level 3 charging stations are also sometimes called fast chargers. These stations use direct current and can charge an EV’s battery in an hour or less. Fast charging stations require high-voltage power and are only offered at public charging sites.

EVs like the Buick Electra have far fewer moving parts than traditional gas-powered SUVs. However, that doesn’t mean you can afford to pay less attention to vehicle maintenance. EVs share some of the same parts as gas-powered cars, including the tires, wheels, and brakes. All of these parts need to be carefully maintained to ensure the vehicle remains in top-performance condition. Your lithium-ion battery will also need maintenance from time to time, including flushing the coolant in its thermal cooling system.

If you have any questions about Buick’s plans with the Electra or EVs in general, feel free to contact us today. Here at #1 Cochran Buick-GMC Youngstown, we’ve been the go-to location in Youngstown for Buick SUVs for decades, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming transition to EVs. We’d be happy to provide you with the latest news on Buick’s EV plans and help you explore our all-electric and hybrid vehicle options as the selections in our showroom grow.


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